This week was good, very stressful, but good! 09-05-2016

10:35 AM

¡Buenas Tardes!

I hope you all have had a great week and a fun holiday weekend! All
the photos looked like fun and I sure hope Payts had a good birthday!!
Hopefully he gets his present soon in the mail! Tell him I love him
very much and that I'm happy he's a teenager now and I hope he got his
cake and was able to eat it too! I miss you all and I love you all
very much.

I have so much to write you so hold on to your seat! This week was
good, very stressful, but good! And... A lot of changes are happening
this transfer in the mission! I don't even know where everyone is
going! So many areas have been opened and a bunch of the Spanish areas
were changed to tiger teams (one English sister and one Spanish
hermana). You all pretty much already know but I will be staying in
Paris another transfer (YAY) and Hermana Fluckiger will be my new
companion! She is awesome, I have met her once before and she is the
sweetest girl so I am super excited to have her as my companion! I've
been out one transfer longer than her so we're close to the same spots
in our missions! I'll meet her tomorrow so I'll have more to tell you
on that next week!

But this week was great, many miracles happened again and we were able
to do so much service this week it was great! Monday we had our P day
and then we went to the Young's and she fed us dinner (she makes the
most amazing food) and then we did service for her the rest of the
night in her garden! And we get to do the same thing tonight, I can't

Tuesday was just a bad day. Not much got done. But we were able to do
some service for the Bargain Box and then we went to Beverly's and did
some more service for her. We went around looking for people and then
came home for dinner. After dinner we had a little emergency split
with the sister training leaders. One of the STLs came with me to an
appointment and the other two stayed at the house with my companion.
Sister Barker was the one who came with me and we taught Amanda and
her fiancé Clint! They're the cute little part member family in the
ward (they speak English but we got permission from President to teach
them!! I have never been so happy). And the lesson was AMAZING. I
don't think I've felt the spirit so strong in my life (I know I say
that a lot but I mean it this time). We taught the restoration and the
whole lesson was focused on Jesus Christ and his Atonement and the
spirit was unreal, everyone could feel it! We even paused the lesson
so they could understand the feeling in the room was the Holy Ghost.
Clint loved it! The whole time he kept saying, "It just makes sense."
And, "I know I need to get baptized, I'm going to." The lesson was
just incredible and I was so grateful for Sister Barker, she's amazing
and helped out in the lesson so much. And Clint even accepted a
baptism date in October! I'm so excited for this cute family!

Wednesday we had another amazing lesson with Ethel, she's a cute lady
in the ward were trying to help get to the temple. When we got there
she told us she had found an article about tithing and that she
finally gets it. That it finally makes sense why we need to do it. It
was incredible and I was so happy for her. Then we went to Angie's and
reorganized and cleaned her kitchen for her, we had a lot of fun!
After were driving to a less active member's home and as we were
driving we saw a man we met about a month ago, his name is David so we
pulled over as fast as we could. When we met him a month ago he was
very interested in what we believed and told us to give him a month to
read the Book of Mormon. Well we lost contact of him and so it was a
miracle that we even found him. We pulled over and sat on his porch
and talked to him for a long time. A bunch of his friends had been
giving him anti crap and told him we were a cult so it freaked him out
a little bit. We talked to him a while and bore our testimonies and he
got excited to learn all over again. He had a total change of heart!
And guess what else he's already half way through with the Book of
Mormon, how cool! But he added us on Facebook right there and we've
been giving him materials to study through Facebook and he is
absolutely loving it!

We then had dinner and then Elizabeth came with us. We went over to
Zaria's house and had a lesson with her and her cute kids. We gave
them a virtual temple tour and explained to them that we don't want
them to be baptized just because it's another number for us but we
want them to be baptized because we want them to become an eternal
family. While we had the tour the little boys were oohing and awing.
And Zaira got a little emotional. They're gonna get there one day.
Then we went looking for a part member family and we found their 20
year old daughter. We started talking to her and asked her if she was
interested and she was kinda indifferent. And then I said something
and if I'm being honest I have no recollection of what I said but she
said, "it's funny that you say that because I have been wondering that
for a long time." And then just like that we set up an appointment
with her and her sister to teach them more! It's pretty cool how the
spirit can work through you.

Then we went looking for people and we found this one lady sitting on
her porch so we went and sat by her and talked with her. She was just
bawling and told us she was so grateful because she was praying for
help and comfort from God and said we were her answer. She had been
through a lot and had just beat breast cancer and really just needed
some company. Her name is Phyllis and she is incredible. We made a new
good friend and even though we were an answer to her prayer she taught
me way more than I could've taught her. She was amazing. Then we
taught Angie how to drive for a little bit and then taught Fidencio!

Thursday we had our last district meeting and we got another district
lunch!! (AP approved of course) and then we had studies and then we
got to go to the Scalf's for dinner! And my whole leg was swelled up
like a balloon because of the millions of mosquito bites I had and
Bishop Scalf gave me some cool cream and all the swelling went down!
But we had a yummy dinner and lesson with them!

Friday we had a lesson with Hiram, we taught him on his front porch
and it was really good. He really liked it and it really got him
thinking. He told us he would come to Sean's baptism. Then Sister
Pearce picked us up and went to a lesson with us with Angie. It went
super well and Sister Pearce's testimony was so powerful. Then we were
walking around and found a family moving so we got out and helped them
move things out of their house and into their truck. We promised we'd
come back another day because we had to drive up to Carlisle for
dinner with Rhonda and Jacob! We had a lesson with them and it's
finally getting cooler in the evenings so we were able to eat on their
patio, it was so nice. Then we had a lesson with Sean, we gave him the
baptismal interview as practice and he crushed it! He was so ready and
so excited!

Saturday everyone got their transfer news (except me and Hermana
Milligan got to hear it the night before from President, we were
lucky). And then we had Sean's baptismal interview at the church. He
did great and passed it and he was so excited! Then we went back over
to the house we helped move. The lady there lives in South Carolina
but rents a bunch of houses out and the lady they had rented the house
to totally trashed it. It was nasty. So Hermana Milligan and I grabbed
brushes and scrubbed floors and walls and when we ran out of time
there was still a ton of work to do. So we're going back with the
Elders tomorrow to help her some more. Then we drove to Lexington for
a Dr. Appointment for Hermana Milligan (Elizabeth drove us, she's the
best) and then came back and went to Angie's for a little pizza party.
Then we rushed over to the church for Kenny's baptism (a member in the
ward) and it went super well.

Sunday was the day!! Sean was baptized! It was the neatest thing ever
and he was so happy! And he was even more excited because he had to be
baptized twice haha (his knee came up the first time). It was so cool
watching Fidencio baptize his son, such an amazing thing to see. Sean
was grinning from ear to ear and the spirit was so strong. After the
baptism we went home for studies and then went to the Mussman's
(Elizabeth's parents) for dinner and a lesson. We then came back to
Paris for a lesson with Phyllis. She loved talking to us and was so
grateful we came back to visit her! After we visited with her we went
to Fidencio's so Hermana Milligan could say goodbye to the kids. Sean
was still grinning and him and Daniella wouldn't stop hugging us! They
are so cute!

But this week was amazing, I'm sorry for the novel props to you if you
read the whole thing. Mario is still doing good, he calls us every
night to pray over the phone together and he got a snazzy hair cut, I
wish I would've gotten a picture of it and he bore his testimony at
church yesterday. And everyone else is doing well here. My knee has
really been hurting me and it's been pretty swollen but I'm not sure
what happened to it, I just woke up one morning and it was swollen but
don't worry it's not that bad and I'm still working hard! But other
than that everything is great! I'm happy and I'm so beyond grateful I
get to stay in Paris another transfer. I really love my mission and
I've realized I have found the happy life. I've learned it's
impossible to be sad when you have the same purpose as the Father and
Savior and as you serve others. I'm so grateful for my mission.

I love you all so so much. I hope you have the greatest week ever and
I hope you're happy. Because life is too short to be anything else.

Con amor,
Hermana Swapp

Me and the Bargain Box ladies! Aren't they the cutest?

Us with the Sister Training leaders. Sister Barker is in the middle.

The last district picture!

Hermana Milligan really wanted a picture with the Scalf's back yard. Gorgeous huh?

Sean's Baptism!!!

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