Went out with a BANG... in the microwave 4-30-2016

10:17 AM

¡Buenas Tardes!

I made it through my last week in the MTC and it went out with a BANG... in the microwave. Wait till you hear this... seriously so funny! So every night my companions and I visit the girls in our zone and give them a little spiritual thought and pray together. So this week we went up there one night and right as we were about to start the fire alarms went off. We were all so confused so I grabbed my camera of course and started filming the whole thing like any normal person would. Girls were running everywhere, people were freaking out, and then we all went outside. I felt bad for all the girls who were showering...  As soon as we got outside I could smell it, the smoke was so bad! So like all missionaries would, we knelt down and said a prayer together. There were probably 400 of us outside at 10:15 at night. As soon as we were done praying we all split up into our zones to make sure we had everyone. You had three types of girls: 1) the ones freaking out and crying 2) the ones who thought the whole thing was a joke and 3) the ones who started singing, "The spirit of God like a fire is burning."

We had to wait outside for about 45 minutes. The fire department never showed up but the cops did and the MTC security was rolling in huge fans to the building to air it out because the windows don't open. Finally around 11 o'clock we were able to go back inside and everyone was able to get ready for bed. Well... nobody told us what had happened so my companions and I thought it would be a good idea to visit the other floors in the buildings and get some witnesses. (Don't worry, I filmed the whole thing). We asked everyone we saw what they knew and I think it is the funniest video ever. When we got to the third floor we found the microwave that had been responsible for it all. Either a Sister cooked her popcorn too long or the microwave blew up while she was cooking the popcorn, we weren't able to really get to the bottom of it, but all we know is it was either the microwave or popcorn that caused all of the smoke. And the best part of this story is you get the pleasure of watching it all when I send my SD card home! 

But anyway on a more spiritual side, my last week in the MTC was amazing! And to answer your question Maddie on Tuesday night I would guess he showed up at 6:30, but we didn't hear from him until 7, we had the privilege of listening to Elder Dallin H. Oaks. How cool, in my six weeks here at the MTC I was able to hear from two apostles. The MTC presidency told us they only have 3-4 apostles come talk to them a year and I was able to be here for two of them. I feel so lucky. Being in the same room as an apostle is the most incredible thing in the world and his message was amazing. 

Every Sunday we take a walk as a zone to the temple after all of our meetings. It's so nice to be able to walk around and just have a little break. This week we got there and we were walking around and guess who was there! Hermana Tracy!! It was so good to see her! I missed her so much! She's doing okay, I think she's getting her gall bladder out! Poor girl, she also has to eat radioactive eggs or something... gross. But we were able to talk to her for a little while and it was so nice. 

This week has been so crazy and it flew by. We mainly reviewed Spanish and other important things in Preach My Gospel. I just have to get down as much Spanish as I can before I leave on Monday! We've still been teaching our investigators Eric and Miranda and they have been going really well. And guess what else, we were able to Skype this week and we were able to teach a man from Mexico, how cool. Technology is amazing. I've been working really hard and I can't wait to teach everyone in Kentucky. We had In-Field Orientation this week which is just an entire day for the missionaries leaving to help them really prepare for the field. It was super cool and it made me a million more times excited to get out there! But that's about all that has happened, I feel bad, I don't have a ton to write about.

This week has been crazy with saying goodbye to everyone. We said goodbye to our teachers: Hermano Corbin, Hermana Litster, and Hermana Bradshaw. They were the most amazing teachers I could've ever asked for, and I'm so grateful that we got them. Also, Hermana Clausen left this morning for Mexico! I'm going to miss her so much but she is going to make the most incredible missionary ever! And in less than 48 hours I'll say goodbye to everyone else.

I'm really so incredibly grateful for the MTC. It has been the most amazing experience of my life this far. The spirit is amazing and the things you learn are incredible. God is so real and he is so aware and I'm so happy that he trusts me enough to preach His gospel. I love you all and I hope you all have a good week! Make sure Mom has a Happy Birthday today and the next time I write you I'll be in Kentucky! Wish me luck! 

I love you all!
Hermana Swapp
 Hermana Litster
 Hermano Corbin
Hermana Bradshaw
 We've got the states and Mexico covered!
Saying goodbye to Hermana Clausen
All the girls going to Kentucky!
Our last time at the temple!

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