Today is my official one month mark 4-23-16

3:16 PM


Today is my official one month mark! Can you believe it? I've already been here for a month! That kinda makes me sad.... I only have 17 more, they're going to go so fast! I love being on a mission and I'm so happy here! There's something special about being a missionary and I don't think anyone really understands it until they are a missionary. I can't believe how much I've learned about this gospel since being here, it's incredible and so true. And God is so loving, I have never felt his love for me so strongly, but I have also felt it for other people. It's a special feeling, and I'm so grateful that I've been able to experience it! 

A lot has happened this week! So much has happened I feel like this week alone has been a month! Hermana Clausen and Hermana Dickson are my companions, we are a trio once again! On Sunday we were made Sister Training Leaders and the Elders became the Zone leaders. The other district left and we were all that was left haha! We got a new district on Wednesday and it is so much fun! The Elders are: Elder Memmott, Elder Noyes, and Elder Tyler. The hermanas are: Hermana Greenwall, Hermana Jones, Hermana McPhie, and Hermana Anderson! They're all incredible and we are so lucky to have them in our zone! I feel like I got four new sisters this week and three more brothers! Also, a Sister Swapp arrived here this week! She's from Nevada, but her great grandpa is from Southern Utah, so I definitely think we're related! She's headed to Russia, but we were both freaking out when we saw each other just because Swapp is not a common name! And... Johny made it to Guatemala this week!!! I'm so excited, and thank you everyone for writing me and updating me! He's going to be the most amazing missionary! 

Gregory Schwitzer from the Seventy came and spoke to us this week. It's so incredible and I feel so extremely blessed to hear from all of these amazing men each week. Don't worry, no bats came out this time. 

Class is going good, and I'm learning more and more Spanish each day! I'm a little frustrated because I wish I knew more, but I just keep reminding myself that as long as I'm giving it my all, God will help me with the rest! We learned past tense this past week and let me tell you, that's some tricky stuff! haha, but I love the language and I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be learning it! 

So every week every body has to prepare a talk and when we get to sacrament meeting the Presidency calls up random people to give their talk so nobody ever knows when it's their turn to speak. It's a little scary. Well this week I totally forgot about it and I didn't have time to write my talk, so I threw one together the best I could right before the meeting and it was super mediocre. And I got called up! It was so great and so bad haha! But it's okay I got mine out of the way and won't have to worry about it anymore. I'm the only one from my district who has spoken, so that means they all probably will have to speak this week and I can just relax and watch ha! 

I got my travel itinerary this week! I was so excited I was screaming! I leave on May 2nd and my flight is at 8:30 so that means I'll probably get to call you Mom around 7! Sorry it's early I know, but if it makes you feel any better I have to be at the travel office at 3:50 that morning! And guess what else I'll be flying with 8 other people! It was so fun I was in the cafeteria and I ran into that sister going to Kentucky and she stopped me and her whole district is going to Kentucky!! So there's four sisters and I was able to meet them all, they're all so cute and I'm so excited to get to know them! And there's two Elders in their district going to Kentucky as well, but I haven't met them yet! And then there's two other missionaries flying with us so I don't know if they're serving in Kentucky or if that's their layover or if they're going to Kentucky, but speaking another language, but we'll find out! It was so exciting meeting them all! 

Our lessons with our investigators have been so good! The spirit is always so strong! Sophia committed to baptism and so did Martha (I don't know if I've already written this so sorry if it's a repeat), but it's so incredible. I know they're not "real" investigators, but it's incredible how strong the spirit still is. I can't wait to get to Kentucky and I can't wait to teach people! We have a little motto here in our companionship, it was started by Hermana Tracy, but we have a sign in our room that says, "It's a great day to save a life." I try to work the hardest that I can work here so when I get to Kentucky I can save a life. I could not imagine a life without this gospel. I could not imagine a life without God in it. I could not imagine a life without the happiness this gospel brings me. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has saved my life, and I hope I can give that to somebody else. 

I have nine days left here and then I'm out in the real world. I am so excited, but I'm also sad to leave the MTC. It's such an incredible place. I know with all my heart that Christ is here with us. This is His work and I know He is sitting next to me in class, I know He is sitting next to me in my lessons I teach, I know He walks with me everyday, and I know He is training me. No one at home needs to worry about me, because how could I not be happy with the Savior next to me at all times? I'm so grateful for the sacrifice He made for me, a mission is nothing compared to His sacrifice, but just like the Savior saved me I hope I can help Him save someone in Kentucky. This church is true and don't ever forget how much Heavenly Father loves every one of you. And don't forget how much I love you too. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life. Have fun celebrating Mom this week, and make sure she has the best birthday she's ever had, because she deserves it! 

Estoy agradecido por la iglesia. Yo sé que es verdadera. Yo sé que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y mi Hermano, y le amo Él mucho. 

I love you all very much,
Hermana Swapp

 I had to get a picture with the peak!

 The sisters from the new district!

Our zone at the temple together!

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