It completely boosted my spirits! 4-9-2016

8:19 AM

Buenos Dias!!

I hope everyone is doing well, I love you all so much and I miss you a ton! Thank you so much for all of the packages and letters this week! You are all the best and make me feel so loved! I don't know how I got so blessed to have an amazing family like you! I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate you. 

I don't want to sugar coat anything, I want to be completely honest with everyone! But the start of this week was so incredibly hard for me. I was so beyond home sick on Sunday. I missed my family and I was so sad I couldn't be there for Maddie's birthday, I missed my friends, and I missed my sweetheart. And then on top of it, some things were happening in our district and we were all having a hard time getting a long so it was very hard for me. But I am so grateful that Sunday was General Conference. It completely boosted my spirits! (And don't worry everything is fine with our district again. We're still a family). But how amazing was General Conference? Both Saturday and Sunday! Amazing. I hope everyone was able to watch it. It was so cool as I was preparing for General Conference I prayed and asked God specific questions that I really wanted the answers to. And every single question was answered word for word with how I asked them. Those men are so inspired and I am so grateful for a living prophet and apostles. 

And then to make Sunday even better BYU Vocal Point came that night for a devotional. It was perfect. It was the most perfect devotional they sang us a bunch of songs and each person bore their testimony. The spirit was so strong and I know a couple people in the group so it was nice to see some familiar faces. Also, speaking of familiar faces I've seen Madi Golding a lot here and it's been such a blessing to be here at the same time. We always just go into each other's rooms to talk. I'm so grateful Heavenly Father put us here at the same time! 

So wanna here something funny? Okay I knew you did. On Tuesday night Ian Ardern of the seventy gave the devotional and in the middle of the devotional a bat comes out of no where and starts flying around! It was the greatest thing ever. No one could focus on him because we were all too scared that this bat was going to land on our heads. Even the cameras were following the bat so the big screen was just a video of the bat flying around haha! But I don't know what happened to the bat but it eventually went away, it was just super funny. But in all seriousness the devotional was amazing. I think it is so cool that I get to see a general authority every week. It's incredible and I'm so glad that I can see and listen to them in person. 

So we have 3 investigators now and we get a new one on Monday, Martha (Hermana Bradshaw acting), Eric (Hermano Corbin acting), and Sophia who is a student at BYU. The lessons with Sophia are going super well. She is seriously the cutest girl in the world and she is so fun to teach. And she's really easy to understand. And she's fun because when we don't know how to say something or we don't understand what she's saying we play a little charades. I'm so grateful we have her for an investigator. But the lessons are going super well, we taught her how to pray and she's been praying a lot, and she committed to reading the Book of Mormon which I'm super excited about! She makes me so excited to get to Kentucky to teach people!

This week was super cool because I got to host! It was so fun we all lined up on the sidewalk and every time a car came in we all did the wave. I know, we looked like morons but we had fun. The girl that I hosted was adorable, she's from Utah and she's heading to West Virginia. But it broke my heart her and her family were all bawling. It reminded me of when I was dropped off and how sad I was to say goodbye to everyone. But the second we got walking she was fine and excited. You're just way too busy to be sad on the first day. But it was really fun. And at first me and my companions were assigned to traffic duty so we got these really cute bright yellow jackets to wear but we begged them to let us be hosts so we did. I've got a sweet picture coming your way. 

It was cool so they're building a new building for the MTC just because they need more classrooms and so they had these two giant beams and they wanted all the missionaries to sign their names and their missions on the beams. So we did. And yesterday they had a huge ceremony and we listened to speakers talk about the importance of the building and the tradition of the beams. And then we got to watch them put the beams on the very top of the buildings so that's cool. If Hunter and Payton ever come here they'll get to be in the classroom where my name is! 

I love it here, even though the start of the week was super rough, it ended up being a really good week. The weather is beautiful so we're able to have class time and study time outside and it's so nice not being surrounded by white walls all day. There's flowers every where and there's popcorn all over the apricot trees. (I think someone might kill me if I sing that song one more time). I keep looking for Bob, but I haven't seen him yet, and I haven't worked up the courage yet to break an elevator. Maybe the day before I leave I will. Oh and DAD!! Guess what, we went to the temple this morning and we ate breakfast there and they had Apple turnovers! I didn't even have to sneak out to get a turnover from Arby's. Blessed. I love you all so much, thank you again for all of the prayers and the support. I love you and I hope you have the best week! 

Les Amo MUCHO!! 
Hermana Swapp

 That one time we were traffic hosts for two minutes.

Us sitting at the beam ceremony and our names on the beam!

 In our natural habitat.

 We bought matching mission shirts!

 My room and my little photo collage that keeps growing.

 Our district outside of our classroom building.

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