I screamed the whole drive to the golf course! 6-6-2016

1:40 PM

Hello Family!

I'm sorry I'm writing you later than usual but I have a good excuse...
We went golfing today for Pday!! It was the greatest thing in the
whole entire world, I screamed the whole drive to the golf course I
was so excited! We went with a kid in our ward and his cousins! It was
so much fun, well Hermana Crowther would say otherwise but she's the
best sport in the world! And I shot a 48... Not too shabby for not
picking up clubs in a while and not even having my own clubs! And I
may have taken a couple mully's haha!

But this week was good, I'll give you a few updates! First off
Fidencio... He didn't go to church last week and he wasn't keeping his
commitments or showing up lessons so we caught him one day outside and
talked to him. He agreed to a lesson. So we went and he hadn't read
the Book of Mormon so we told him we couldn't do a lesson because he
hadn't read and so we read a chapter with him instead of a lesson.
Well we went over a couple days later for another lesson and he had
read a ton! It was Like a new person! So we had our lesson with him
and the spirit was so strong. And we showed a video of Elder Holland's
testimony of the Book of Mormon and he talks about Joseph Smith dying
in it and we asked Fidencio what he though and he said, "there's no
way I would die if this book wasn't true so it must be if Joseph smith
was willing to die for it. I want to read this whole thing now, I want
a testimony like his." And then we said, "Fidencio we've been planning
on June 18 for your baptism but we didn't even ask you what you
wanted." And he said, "can I choose July 9? June 18 is a little soon
for me. If I can change it I'll try my hardest I really well."
Fidencio is just amazing it was like a totally new person. So we let
him change his date! And then we had a lesson with him the next day
and he was outside waiting for us reading his Book of Mormon! He even
told us he wanted to cast on Sunday! Holy cow. And then Sunday came
and we waited and waited and waited. So Hermana Crowther and I went on
a split and I went with a ward member to his house and pounded on the
door with all my might. His car was home and everything but he didn't
answer :( so we just went back to church. So we'll have to find him
this week and find out what happened.

So many of our investigators couldn't meet this week though. Esmerelda
didn't make her appointment but we have one with her tomorrow. We
still haven't been able to get in contact with Juana and Cesar.
Margarito was at work all week. But we went over to find Kristina one
night and she wasn't home but Carmela was and so we taught her the
restoration. At the end Carmela basically told us we were wrong and
her church is right and she's not interested and doesn't want us to
teach anymore (but in a nice way I guess). So we also had to drop
Kristina this week because she won't come to the door or answer her
phone. :( We think Carmela got her going to her church!

Mario is doing awesome. We went up to Carlisle a couple times and
taught him. He is the golden investigator, he trusts everything and
wants to do everything he can to please God. And he even came to
church yesterday! Brother Smith drove him and we had a lesson with him
before church and then Hermana Crowther and I had ward council so
Mario had to sit in the chapel all by himself but when we came back he
had made tons of friends. He just walked around shaking everyone's
hand, he is awesome! I've never seen someone so happy at church
before. Seeing his smile all day made my day. And kinda cool we had to
translate for him and it was fast and testimony meeting and Hermana
Crowther bore her testimony so I had to translate it. I got to wear
the fancy headset and everything (I felt like Kathy). I probably got
about half of her testimony hahaha! It was so hard!! Definitely have
some practice. But everyone loves Mario and he made so many friends.
He loves Jacob (he's the one who went golfing with us today) and
Jacob's mom is Rhonda and Rhonda drove him home and we were planning
our golf day when Jacob got a phone call, it was Mario! Hahaha we got
a text from Rhonda saying Mario made her stop at the store to buy a
phone card so he could call Jacob hahaha I guess our next lesson
should be about keeping the sabbath day holy (; tonight we have a
dinner appointment with Brother and Sister Scalf and Mario is coming!
The ward is so good to him!

Heriberto! We found him this week (he's the less active one). I was
super bold with him about him not going to church and how it's
something he should be doing. And finally he broke, and I felt like
the worst missionary in the world. He told us he hasn't been to church
in almost a year because a ward member had given him a dresser to fix
and Heriberto didn't finish it fast enough and so the ward member
wasn't too happy and so Heriberto wasn't going to church because he
was scared he had offended the ward member and he was scared the ward
member was going to get him in trouble and get him deported (it's so
sad how all these people are so terrified of that). But anyway he
finally finished the dresser this week, he said it took him almost a
year because he wanted to do a really good job at it and he was just
waiting for it to dry to take over and try to fix the relationship. It
was so sad because I know the member didn't care, and the member would
feel so bad if he knew that was why Heriberto stopped going to church.
But Heriberto promised he would come to church next week after he had
returned the dresser and fixed the relationship. I felt so bad for
being so bold with him I just wanted to cry, I told him sorry a
million times and he promised me it was okay but I bought him chips
and salsa anyway to make up for it!

So this week we had a new missionary training meeting and it was fun,
I got to see everyone I flew out with. And the training was amazing!
The president and the assistants gave it and the spirit was so strong
and the whole thing was amazing! Well after Hermana Crowther and I
went to Winchester to look for a referral named Ester. Well when we
got to her house we saw a man standing outside so we decided to talk
to him first and the spirit was still so strong and the gift of
tongues is so real. I understood every single thing he said and I was
able to speak the best Spanish I've ever spoke! I was using words I
have never used before and the Spanish was rolling off my tongue. I
can't even explain it, I didn't even think I was just talking in
Spanish. I don't even know what I was saying! It definitely was the
spirit, it was just incredible to be the instrument that Heavenly
Father needed. Anyway he was super interested, took a Book of Mormon,
and agreed to a return appointment. Well after, we found out that it
was Ester's husband! It was so cool!

This week has been a good one, Hermana Crowther and I are looking
everywhere for people to teach, we talked to 140 random people on the
streets and gave them pass a long cards. We are also starting an
English class this week, where we'll be teaching people English. So
we've been busy getting that all ready, we've made and passed out tons
of flyers and have been hanging flyers up all around. We've ditched
the car and have been walking everywhere!! It's been so fun, pouring
rain will just come out of no where. We've had so many good laughs and
fun times from the rain this week. Lightning bugs are everywhere and I
still freak out every time I see one. They are the coolest things
ever. I am still so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to
take care of this part of the world for Him, I'm a lucky girl.

I love you all, it sounds like it's been a good week at home! I miss
you a ton and I'm praying for you always! I hope you have another
amazing week!

Hermana Swapp

We had district meeting this week and it's Elder Butikofer's last week before he goes home so we got a picture and we all went out to Mongolian Grill to eat!

Hermana Crowther and I got caught in a few storms this week! It looked like we took a shower with our clothes on! (Ps I know my watch is backwards, it's a missionary thing.)

Just a little nature for you all

All the new missionaries at the training, and President Brough!

We had dinner at the Smith's Sunday, they have a huge pet snake they let us play with!

Our golf adventure today!

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