The weirdest week I have ever lived through! 6-20-2016

11:36 AM

Hello Everybody!!

I hope everyone has had a good week and I hope all of you had a Happy
Father's Day! I love you Dad and I hope you had the best day (sorry I
couldn't buy you golf balls this year). I've missed you all and I
think about you and pray for you lots!

Kentucky is still good and it's still hot! And now it's super humid
too, but I love it! My hands are soo soft! But if I had one word to
describe this week it would be CRAZY. Seriously this week has been the
weirdest week I have ever lived through, but it gives me some good
stories to tell! We don't have very many people to teach right now so
we've spent most of our week tracting (this is where all of our crazy
stories come from). And we also got Sister Elizabeth with us for four
whole days so that rocked, and she got to join in on all of the crazy
that happened. So one day we went looking for people to talk to, well
we stopped by this park because it was crowded and we talked with
everyone. Well when there was no one left to talk to we got in
Elizabeth's car and started driving away but she saw a lady walking
down the street and pulled over so Hermana Crowther and I could go
talk to her. We got out and this poor lady was a mess. She was bawling
and she was walking from the jail, she told us she went to see her
husband and they wouldn't let her talk to him. She then showed us her
foot which was obviously broken and told us she had walked from
another county with a broken foot. I guess she crashed her car on her
way to the prison and broke her foot and got out and walked the rest
of the way to see her husband. She was yelling and crying and kept
asking us for money and for a ride to her house (which is in another
county and we're not allowed to leave our area or give money to
people). We kept telling her we could pray together and call the
police to get her a ride or call around to see if anyone else could
give her a ride and she started yelling at us and telling us it was
our responsibility to give her a ride because were Christians. We just
did everything we could to try to comfort her and calm her down and
she finally just hopped into Elizabeth's car, we had no idea what to
do. So we got in the car and Elizabeth had no idea what was going on.
But we drove her to the nearest store and she stayed in the car and
was crying and she was smoking but she kept dropping her cigarette all
over Elizabeth's car. So finally she asked to borrow a phone and she
called her dad. She was yelling every cuss word there is and throwing
herself around the car (it was so weird). Then she put the phone on
speaker so we all had the pleasure of hearing their conversation. Her
dad kept telling her to go to the hospital but she wouldn't because
she was on drugs. I kept praying because I had no idea what to do for
this lady but finally she just hung up and got out of the car so we
drove away. Fast. Hahaha it was the weirdest thing ever!!

Well that same day we went tracting in a neighborhood and there were
these four young men outside and they were super curious about our
church. They wanted to know all about Joseph Smith and the Book of
Mormon and asked if we could teach them about our church. So they sat
down and we started teaching the restoration. Well we started teaching
them about prophets and one of them started freaking out and went on
this tangent. I have no idea what he was even saying. But he didn't
like something about prophets. He thought he was a prophet and I think
he was just upset that according to us he wasn't a prophet. But he
went on forever and nobody else could even get a word in. He kept
standing up and yelling and I was so confused. His friends kept trying
to calm him down because I really have never seen anyone ever act the
way he did. He kept saying he was respectful to other religions and
then told us everything he hated about our religion but the funny
thing was we didn't even say a word the whole time, so he had no idea
what we even believed in. Really, I can't even explain what happened
because I'm still confused about it myself. But him and one of the
other guys finally left and the other two just kept apologizing. It
was so weird.

Another day this week we were tracting in a different neighborhood and
this lady was standing outside on her phone watching us the entire
time. It was actually super funny and you could tell she was the nosy
neighbor type that had to be in everyone's business. Anyway we finally
decided we would go up and talk to her. We introduced ourselves and
the church we were from and in the meanest way possible she said, "Oh
no, I don't do cults." She then kept trying to explain how we were a
cult and couldn't seem to find one reason or one good explanation. So
I said, "well, why don't we sit down and we can tell you what we
really believe." And she marched in her house. She wasn't a happy
lady. I probably shouldn't have said that either but oh well haha!

Last crazy story. We went tracting again yesterday and Hermana
Crowther and I got in the car to leave and this man comes over and
starts talking to us. He told us he is a Jehova's Witness and that
we're wrong and he's right and he's probably one of the best bible
scholars there ever was. He started spitting all of these bible verses
out and just saying the craziest things. I honestly thought he was
possessed by the devil or something. And poor Hermana Crowther
hahahaha he kept poking his head and practically his whole body in the
car on Hermana Crowther's side and was just up in her face saying the
creepiest things. I felt so bad for her but it took everything in me
not to laugh. It was so crazy!

But even though we had a ton of crazy things happen (I only told you
all like half of it) we had a lot of spiritual things happen too. We
had some really good lessons with Heriberto. He's still not coming to
church and I'm not sure exactly what to do for him, but we've had many
spiritual lessons together. We'll just have to keep praying for him
and hopefully we'll know what we need to teach him. Margarito has been
reading out of the Book of Mormon but we haven't had very many lessons
with him because he's always at work, but he's doing well. Mario came
to church again, which is awesome! And we've been to the Salas' home a
lot for family home evening and just other lessons. I even gave their
son a Haz Lo Justo ring (thanks mom, he loved it). We got to go to
Louisville this week for a Spanish/Culture training which was super
good! I love trainings, the spirit is always so strong at them! And I
got to meet every single Spanish speaking missionary in Kentucky so
that was fun!

But the greatest thing that happened this week was Fidencio. We had
the most amazing lesson with him. He's really been struggling with
feeling like there is only one true church. He thinks that all
churches are okay and that all of them have the authority to baptize
and everything else. So we thought about his lesson and his needs for
a long time and prayed super hard. And we decided to do his lesson at
the church where the spirit can be the strongest. We really wanted him
to have a special experience and to really be able to feel the spirit.
So we had Sister Elizabeth and JR (another member from the ward) come
with us to his lesson. We decided to really explain apostasy and what
it means. We explained how Christ established his one true church. How
once Christ was crucified and all of the apostles were killed there
was no one left on the earth to keep the doctrines pure. And so many
people made up their own churches in the way they liked it. And he
said, "Oh, that's why there's so many churches today." He finally
understood! He knew that there could only be one true church! You
could see it just click for him. Then JR and Elizabeth bore their
testimonies and the spirit was so strong. So we asked Fidencio if he
wanted to know which church was the true church and he said yes, so we
asked him if he had the faith to kneel down and ask Heavenly Father if
the church is true. And he did. We all got down on our knees and bowed
down and Fidencio asked God which church is the true church. The
spirit was so strong!! I thought it was going to knock me over. All of
us did. When he was finished praying no one said a word because the
spirit was so powerful. He knows that the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints is the only true church. He's scared, but he knows
it. He still hasn't come to church but he's so close. I know he'll
make it.

This week has been amazing and crazy. I've learned so much. But the
most important thing to me is that I have come so much closer to my
Savior this week. I love Him so much and I want every single person
who has ever met me to know that I know with all of my heart that His
church is true. I've never been more sure of anything in my whole
entire life. I know that Jesus Christ really lived and that He still
lives. I know that he is the Savior of the world and that He knows me
personally but He also knows every single person who has ever stepped
foot on this earth personally. He loves all of you. And always
remember that with Him, we can do every needed thing.

I love you all so much, thank you for being the most supportive family
ever. Remember to be happy and have the best week ever.
Hermana Swapp

We had a crazy storm this week!

Some of us Hermanas at the training!

All of the Spanish speaking missionaries!

Susie and Elizabeth driving us to Louisville!

Salas and our Haz Lo Justo rings.

FIDENCIO!!! Sorry it's blurry.

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