I saw y'all I knew you were the answer 8-14-2017

5:21 PM

¡Hola Familia!

¡Milagros, el templo, y un bautismo, que increíble! I hope y'all had
such a good week. I'm not going to lie this was a hard week for me
because we did no work but Heavenly Father still blessed us and I'm
still the happiest I've ever been. Hermana Espinoza is incredible, I'm
so grateful she's my companion and I've learned so much from her. She
has already helped me out so much with my Spanish but poor thing was
sick all week. We stayed in all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Those essential oils came in handy this week. She slept all day while
I studied my life away, but it was super good, I learned a lot. And
the good news is Hermana Espinoza is feeling a lot better and we were
able to get some good lessons in this weekend!

So Mary Beth is doing awesome! She's come to church every week, she's
read a ton in the Book of Mormon, and she'll be baptized in the next
month or two. We just need to hear back from Salt Lake City on some
things, so that has been awesome!

We were able to see Digna and Sister Goodspeed. Sister Goodspeed is
still super sick but she was doing a lot better this week than she has
been doing.

But the greatest day this week was Saturday! It was exactly what we
needed after the long week, we spent our whole day in Crestwood
because Angie from Paris got to go to the temple! I got a message from
her during the week telling me she was going and we got permission
from our President to go with her. I can't even tell you how fun it
was to see her and to see some of my family from Paris! I felt like I
was home again. She did so good and she was smiling from ear to ear, I
am so proud of Angie.

We stayed in Crestwood after the temple because Hermana Espinoza had a
baptism! It was such a good day for both of us and even though I
didn't know the hermano who got baptized the spirit was so strong and
I knew his Heavenly Father was very proud of him.

So we went to 6 hours of church yesterday. That's what we normally do
is 6 hours of church each week because we have people both at the
Frankfort ward and the Spanish branch. So Sunday's make for long days,
but I think this was our last week doing two wards, from now on we
will probably just go to the Spanish branch. It was awesome we had
quite a few people to translate for and Vicente came to the Spanish

Vicente is doing awesome! He is getting excited for his baptism. So we
had a lesson with him yesterday and we taught him most of the
commandments. We have been super scared to teach him the word of
wisdom because whenever we go to his apartment his roommates are
borracho. But as we taught the commandments he just kept nodding his
head and said, "I already do that." And when we taught the word of
wisdom he laughed and said, "Hermanas, I don't do any of that. It's
bad for you body." We couldn't believe it! We were so excited! We
moved his baptism up to August 27 and he is super excited. I cannot
believe how prepared Vicente is!

Also, one other miracle. We were serving Sister Grubb yesterday and as
we were leaving her apartment we could see some people up the street.
We started walking to our car but we felt the spirit tell us to talk
to the people so decided to take the hike and talk to them. We go up
there and there was a man sitting at a picnic table so we started
talking to him and he spoke Spanish! After a minute I saw a lady wave
me down so Hermana Espinoza stayed and talked to the man and I went
and talked to the lady. She was almost emotional and said, "Did he
invite you over here?" And I said, "No, we just saw him and started
talking to him." And she said, "He's my nephew and he has gotten
himself in so much trouble. I've been praying for so long that God
would send someone to help him and when I saw you all I knew you were
the answer." I thought it was pretty amazing.

I went back over to the guy (his name is Adrian) and as we started
talking he expressed how badly he wanted to change but didn't believe
he could. So we taught him the Restoration and talked so much about
the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the spirit was super strong. He looked
hopeful and he accepted a baptismal date! We talked for a while and I
think he finally knows he can change with the help of Christ. He asked
us to come back over today so we are super excited to work with

But that was pretty much our week, even though we didn't get a whole
lot done I am amazed at how involved the Lord is in His work. Even
when we're not able to accomplish all that we need to He makes up for
it! Every day it is so plain to see how much the Lord does for us and
how kind He is. I love Him so very much and am so grateful for His
help this week!

I hope you all have such an amazing week! I love you very much and
remember to be happy. Because life is too short to be anything else.

Con amor,
Hermana Swapp

PS: "And we have suffered all manner of afflictions, and all this,
that perhaps we might be the means of saving some soul; and we
supposed that our ​​​joy​ would be full if perhaps we could be the
means of saving some." -Alma 26:30

 Zone P-Day last week

 Sister Endemann

 Part of the MTC group

 Hermana Heil's home:(

 Hermana Spencer

 Hermana Parra

 The district

 Random picture with the Snell's

 Angie at the temple!

 My Paris family

 Hermana Espinoza

 Elder Hillam! He's a brand new missionary and he's from Midway,
Utah! He is a real Wasatch Wasp. I promised him when I got home I
would knock on his parents door and show them this picture and then
take a pic with them. Also him and I are having Swiss Days
withdrawals. I told him though if I could miss two Swiss days then he
could make it too. But we will probably be crying together on Labor
Day weekend(;

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