Okay, hold on to your seats one more week 9-5-2017

12:34 PM

¡Hola Y'all!

Okay, hold on to your seats one more week. I made the poor decision of
completely unpacking my bags last week. Sunday we got a call and
President Hughes asked to speak to me. He told me there was an
emergency in the mission and he wanted to do another emergency
transfer. One of the Hermanas was really struggling and he wanted me
to finish my mission with her. So I am now in Louisville and hopefully
this is where I will finish my last two weeks. But you never know, and
I've already decided I will not be unpacking my bags haha!

So I am in Hurstbourne now and Hermana Whiting is my companion. I
absolutely love her, she is an incredible missionary. We've been on
exchanges before so we know each other pretty well! I got here late
Sunday night so I still don't really know the area or the
investigators but that's okay!

I was so sad to leave Lexington and Hermana Espinoza and Hermana
Banks. The trio life was the best but it was definitely short lived.
We had a great week last week! So many miracles and so many tender
mercies. Vicente will probably be getting baptized pretty soon here
now that I'm gone and we've also been teaching a brother and a sister
for a while. Their names are Peter and Junie and we've been teaching
them for a minute and we had an incredible lesson with them last week.
They are getting baptized September 17 and I'm crossing my fingers
that I can go back to see it!

I'm not going to lie I was so sad to hear that I would be leaving for
my last two weeks. We were having so many miracles and so many people
to teach. We had 9 baptismal dates set and a lot of them were pretty
solid. I loved the branch, the area, the people, and everything. But
there's a quote by Elder Holland that I love and it says, "It's more
important to help someone else succeed than it is to focus on your own
success." And I know Heavenly Father knows a lot better than I do in
who should be my companion and how I should finish my mission.

And honestly it's been so much fun being with Hermana Whiting, she is
a total blast, and right now it's more important to help her succeed
than it is to focus on my own success.

I'm sorry for such a short email, I'm doing good though and I'm super
happy. I'm loving every second of my mission and we're working hard!
I'm glad you had such a good birthday Payts, and I'm glad Swiss Days
was a success. I love you all so very much and I hope you have the
best week ever. Be happy, because life is too short to be anything

Con amor,
Hermana Swapp

PS: "Wherefore, be faithful; stand in the office which I have
appointed unto you; ​​​succor​ the ​​​weak, lift up the hands which
hang down, and ​​​strengthen​ the ​​​feeble​ knees."
-Doctrine & Covenants 81:5

 Last weeks p-day fun


 Trio + Jasmin

 Maddie and Eliza

 The girls in the Rama

 The bobadilla family

 Junie and Peter

 Elder Hillam, we cried a little about Swiss Days together

 Hermana Whiting

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