Indiana Jones and Snazzy Church Clothes 8-22-2016

6:26 PM

¡Hola Familia!

Happy first day of school to the boys and Maddie! The boys looked so
super happy to be getting back to it! I hope you all have had a
wonderful week and I hope you all know how much I love you! Everything
is great here in Kentucky and I am loving every minute of it! A lot of
things have been going on and I'm excited to share it with all of

Monday was good, we just had a normal P-Day. We spent our time writing
and cleaning... one of these days were going to do something way fun,
just wait. But afterwards we drove up to Carlisle for dinner with the
Scalfs! They are awesome and it's always a good night when you get fed
by the Scalfs. Afterwards we went to Fidencio's and had a lesson with
him. We're trying to help him get his family history started so he can
go to the temple and be baptized for his family who has already passed

Tuesday was a rainy day!! We went over to Noemi's in the morning for a
lesson and we read Alma 36 and really talked about the power of
repentance and the Atonement. I love the spirit we feel anytime we
teach about Christ and his Atonement, it's always so powerful. After
her lesson we did our service at the Bargain Box and then we spent
some time translating a talk into Spanish for a member in our ward who
was going to give a talk in the Spanish branch on Sunday. We spent
most of our day tracting and looking for people and then we were fed
again! The ward members are just awesome here!

Wednesday we went over to Angie's and we taught her the Restoration
and she just absolutely loved it. She has so much faith and she knows
that it's true. She accepted a baptism date and we told her she was
going to have to make some changes but we were there to help. She
asked right away what some of those changes would be so we taught her
the Word of Wisdom and she gave up tea and coffee right there. She's
incredible. She really just trusts God and is so willing to do
anything or give up anything to please Him. We spent the rest of our
day tracting and looking for people. But that night Hermana Milligan
and I took on more than we could handle so we had two awesome ward
members come with us and we did splits and we were able to get
everything done! Angie wanted to learn to drive so Elizabeth and I
took her out to drive while Hermana Milligan and Susie taught Zaira
and Jorge. Afterwards Elizabeth and I went to find a potential and
before we knocked on her door I saw two men outside and went and
talked to them. (Everyone needs the gospel and the happiness that
comes with it so I'm not walking past a single person.) As I started
talking to them they started saying some inappropriate things and I
told them, "I'm a representative of Jesus Christ and the way you are
talking is very inappropriate." And they got real quiet real fast. The
spirit was so strong and I felt so prompted to bear my testimony even
though I really didn't want to, but I opened my mouth and the spirit
talked for me. It was the weirdest experience I have ever had. I don't
even remember what I said. But after I was done one of them said to
me, "I'm so sorry for what we said. But you really reflect what you
believe in your countenance. I really need to learn more." So I gave
them the Elders number haha! But it ended up being such an amazing and
powerful experience and the spirit was so strong. It's incredible how
the Atonement can soften people's hearts. But we found the potential
and she was incredible too. Her name is Jessica and we will be
teaching her more this week!

Thursday we had district meeting in Lexington and then went to
Winchester for exchanges with our Sister Training Leader. We only have
one Sister Training Leader and she is training somebody right now so
we just did blitzes. Which means both me and my companion stay in
Winchester the day and we spend half a day each with the STL. But it
was awesome because Winchester is part of our area so we were able to
get a bunch of Spanish work done. The quote of the day, "Wait, you're
not Hispanic?" I don't think it's ever going to end. But I sound like
a gringa so I don't even know why anyone would even think I was
Hispanic haha! We had a bunch of good lessons and I got to talk to
like 30 people in Spanish so it was awesome!

Friday we finished our blitz and did our weekly planning and then we
had a lesson with Angie. She really is amazing!

Saturday was the craziest day we have ever had! We were so busy and we
were running from one place to the next, it was awesome! But we had
coordination and then a lesson with Sean (Fidencio's son). He should
be getting baptized in the middle of September. It's just hard because
we never know when he'll get to stay with Fidencio. Then we had a
lesson with Angie and it was so cool. She's been very sick so the
Elders came over and gave her a blessing and the spirit was so strong.
It meant a ton to her. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ
and she is so excited about everything. After her lesson we had dinner
with a member in the ward and then we drove to North Middletown for an
appointment with Amanda. She's the cutest lady ever! She's inactive
and the rest of her family aren't members. So we've been working with
them and they have been showing a ton of interest! I love that family
so very much. When we got there Amanda ended up being the only one
there, but it worked out perfectly! We put together a little game plan
for how we can best teach her family and help them come closer to

Sunday was so amazing! Mario was confirmed a member into the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Jacob gave him an awesome blessing
and it was such a cool experience. Jacob had also gotten him a nice
shirt and tie so he was looking snazzy. And Sister Pearce got Daniella
some clothes and Elizabeth had bought Sean a nice outfit for church so
everyone was looking great at church so of course I got a bunch of
pictures! Sunday was also the scariest day of my life, I had to teach
relief society and I was so nervous. But I did it and I think it went
okay! After church we did some studies and then Hermana Milligan and I
went out and talked with people. Then Elizabeth picked us up and we
picked up Angie and Susie and we drove down to Lexington for a
fireside. It was in a different building this week though and it was
right on UK's campus so I got to see it all! It was pretty cool! But
the Fireside was amazing and Fidencio came and the spirit was so

This week really was awesome and the experiences we had were
incredible! I can't believe how much I am learning and I couldn't
imagine my life without my mission. It's truly amazing to be a
representative of Jesus Christ and I am so incredibly lucky to be out
here. I know I say it every week but I just love it so much. Thanks
for being so supportive. I really love you, don't you ever forget it!
Have an amazing week and.... Be happy. Because life is too short to be
anything else!

Les or Los or whatever it is Amo, (Kathy please help)
Hermana Swapp

PS will somebody please tell Mindy happy birthday for me and that I
love her so very much? Thank you!

The four of us going out teaching together.

Angie taking the wheel!


I got called Indiana Jones all day but I didn't care I'm just happy we can wear hats!

Everyone in their snazzy church clothes!

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