Some cool things happened this week 8-15-2016

12:32 PM

¡Buenas Tardes!

Fue una buena semana. Yo aprendí mucho y sentí el espíritu mucho
durante la semana. Yo sé que Jesucristo vive y la expiación es real.
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a very good and a very happy week.
I miss you all so very much! This week was a good one and we got a lot
done! And the best part of the week is always seeing people come unto
Christ. I feel so blessed to be working these amazing people and I am
so grateful that God has placed some of His most amazing children in
my path.

So some cool things happened this week. First one is Angie. She's the
sweet lady we've been teaching Spanish too and she's the inactive one.
Well we found out this week that she never was a member of the church
because she never received the gift of the Holy Ghost!! It explains so
much! And we had the hardest time finding her record.... Well it's
because she doesn't have one! We explained to her that she never was
officially a member of the church and that she would have to be
baptized again. We were nervous for how she would react but she was so
excited and was all for it! So we've been teaching her to help her
prepare for baptism and she even came to church yesterday! (Also, her
husband invited us over for fish this week and I was so scared but I
did it!! I ate fish! And I actually kinda liked it too...).

We've seen Fidencio every day this week and he is doing awesome! He is
getting super excited to go to the temple! Also, Sister Pearce got him
a nice suit and he looked so snazzy at church it was fun to see! We
had to go over to help him tie his tie early on Sunday (thank you
Brick Oven for making me wear a tie so I could teach him). He was
funny, I got a pretty funny video of him! I'll attach it to this! But
Sister Pearce also got Daniella a bunch of dresses too and she was so
cute! It was so fun to see them in their Sunday best!

We've still been teaching our Guatemalan friend, Oscar! He is awesome!
Fidencio has helped us a ton with him. He's so humble and he even
asked his boss to change his schedule so he could come to church on
Sunday's! So hopefully we'll start to see him there! We also had our
first Facebook lesson with him this week and that was fun! It's crazy
how much good we can do through technology. He won't accept a
baptismal date but I know he knows it's true... He'll get there!

And Mario!! He got baptized yesterday! He was just the stinkin cutest
thing! He called us every single day this week and the first thing he
would say is, "Hola Hermana, ¿estás entusiasmada por mi bautismo este
Domingo?" And then he'd start giggling.  (Are you excited for my
baptism on Sunday). It was so fun to get that phone call every night
and to hear him laugh because he was so excited! He has the most
righteous desires and it was so fun to watch him step into the font. I
get so emotional at baptisms. I just cry, I've turned into a little
baby. But it's so much more than a baptism. It's the most incredible
feeling to watch someone you love finally find their way back. He is
now on the path back to our Father in Heaven and back to our Eternal
Family. I can't imagine the joy Heavenly Father has when He watches
His children step into the font. It's really a special thing.

We had interviews this week with President and Sister Brough and
they're just amazing. I'm convinced that we have the best mission
president in the world. They're so good to all of us missionaries and
always make sure we have plenty of snacks to take with us after the

We went tracting almost every day this week and we met lots of nice
people and lots of mean people. This week was the first time someone
has made me cry. Hahaha... But it's okay I know she just didn't
understand what we had to offer. After she got done yelling at us we
walked to our car and once I got in I just cried. We drove to another
neighborhood and there was this lady outside. I was scared to talk to
anyone else because I knew I would cry all over again if they were
mean. But the spirit prompted me to go talk to her so I did. And she
was the sweetest lady! I think she could tell I had been crying so
that's probably why she was extra nice to me haha! But she loved what
we had to tell her about the Book of Mormon and asked for a copy. She
even asked to be our friends on Facebook so she could ask us some
questions! It was definitely a tender mercy.

Another fun part of this week was I got to do sharing time for
primary! Thanks to Elizabeth I was able to get a lesson planned in
time and it was a lot of fun! I wish I could be in primary forever
haha! But I translated again at church and even though it's poor
translation, I'm getting better each week! Church was a lot of fun!
This week was really good and I'm learning so much! Heavenly Father is
stretching me so much and He has really helped me grow to be a better
missionary and a better person. I am so grateful. I know this church
is true, I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I feel so
privileged to be able to share it with others. Never ever forget how
important you are to your Father in Heaven and never forget how much I
love you! Thank you for everything you do for me. Thank you for the
packages, the letters, the love, the emails, the support, the
everything! Y'all really are the best! I hope you all have the
greatest week. And remember! Be happy because life is too short to be
anything else.

Con amor,
Hermana Swapp

Some of my favorite sisters and me at district meeting. (We got caught in the rain).

Fidencio and his new tie! Can you tell he's never worn one before? (:

Hermana milligan and I were having a bad day and so while we were tracting I told her to stand next to a plant and I took her picture. She was confused why I made her do that. I asked her is she felt a little better and she did... So it worked haha!  I had to get a picture too because why not.

So we finally got our mariachi band started with Oscar. We'll be hitting the roads soon! All we need is our sombreros! 

Mario at his baptism! Look how happy he is!

Daniella and Fidencio in their Sunday best!

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