This week was bitter sweet 8-1-2016

1:28 PM

¡Hola Familia!

La semana pasada fue bien. ¡Tengo una compañera nueva y ella esincreíble! This week was bitter sweet. It started out with tearsbecause I had to say goodbye to the most amazing trainer and friend agirl could ask for, Hermana Crowther made it home safely though and Ialready got an email from her!! But it was sweet because I got my newcompanion! She is awesome, her name is Hermana Milligan and has such astrong desire to do good. She got here and we got to work right away!!(And... I'm not training anymore!! Elizabeth got me a present tocelebrate, she's really the best!)

We had a lot of lessons this week, I think we had about 4 a day whichis super good for the little town of Paris! And I had lots ofopportunities to use Spanish. I was super nervous for Hermana Crowtherto leave because I always relied on her Spanish because she's so goodat the language but with her leaving I've really had to rely onHeavenly Father for help and it has been amazing. He's given me somany opportunities to use it this week and I'm always shocked when Iopen my mouth and Spanish comes flowing out.  It certainly is no wherenear perfect but it's a huge testimony to me that the gift of tonguesis real. Also, I had to translate at church this week all by myself! Idon't even know how I did it but with the help of my Father in HeavenI was able to do it! I've made huge strides with the language thisweek and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has really given me theopportunity to stretch myself.

I've also had to start more conversations on the streets and ondoorsteps as we tract and it has been so cool to watch Heavenly Fatherbless me. It's also amazing to see the difference it makes when weinvolve the Book of Mormon into our contacts. I love seeing people'seyes light up when a question they've had is answered through the Bookof Mormon. That's a goal I've made for myself this transfer is tomemorize references to scriptures so I can help answer people'squestions and concerns. I still have a lot of work to put in butHermana Milligan and I have been able to place a bunch of Book ofMormons and that has been a lot of fun!
Also, mom and dad you would be so proud of me if you could see me!!I'm in charge of the phone now and I do the phone calls all by myselfeven the ones in Spanish! And no, I'm not lying I'm slowly losing thefear of talking on the phone! But I still get little butterflies everytime it rings hahaha!

But as for the people here in Paris... I love them so much. They arethe most incredible people ever! I had to have known them in the PreEarth life and I'm convinced that the friendships I have with themstarted in the life before this one. I can't even begin to explain thelove I have for each of them and I'm so grateful I have anothertransfer to work with them all.

Fidencio is doing awesome! We saw him everyday this week and he hascome out teaching with us several times. He's a natural! His testimonyis so strong and the spirit is always there as he shares his testimonyand his experiences. He came with us to teach Oscar. Oscar is amazing,he is so humble and has the most righteous desires. We talked to himabout what he has to do to get baptized and when he found out one ofthe things he had to do was go to church he immediately told us he wasgoing to talk to his boss and ask for Sunday's off.

Also, we had been working with a less active named Angie and we gotout of contact with her for a while. Well one day this week we feltprompted to go visit her and when we did she happened to be home, buther husband was home too! I've never met her husband since I've beenhere because he's always working! But when we got to their house hewas there because he had an hour break from work and we happened tocatch him on his short break. It was a miracle. We were able to teachthem and he invited us to come back the following week. Also, we wentover a couple days later to teach Angie and when we got there she wasbawling. She explained to us that her friend had passed away and she'sbeen really stressed because her friend never had the opportunity tolearn of the gospel and she was also worried for her husband becausehe isn't a member either and she just wanted them both to be inheaven. So we taught her the plan of salvation and it was amazing tosee happiness and hope take away her fears. I love this gospel somuch.

We also taught Mario a couple times this week! He is awesome, and he'sgetting close to his baptism! He should be getting baptized August 14so we're super excited for him. It's been so fun to watch him developrelationships with the people in the ward and I'm pretty sure Fidenciois Mario's hero! It has been such a fun time getting to know Mario,I'm so excited for him. We have some amazing people we are teachingand I'm so grateful. They are all so humble and so close to Christ. Ithought I went on a mission to help other people but now that I'm hereI realize they're the ones helping me!

This week has been difficult but it has been really good. I've grownthe most in this one week more than I think I have in any other weekof my life. I have a strong testimony of the Atonement and I know thatthrough Jesus Christ we truly can become the people He expects us tobe. I love this gospel so much and I'm so grateful that I can share itwas the amazing people here in Kentucky! I hope you all have a greatweek and know how much I love you all! And remember!!! Be happy,because life is too short to be anything else.

Los Amo, (Fidencio told me I've been saying it wrong. It's Los not Les)Hermana Swapp

PS: Feliz Cumpleaños Grandpa!! Te quiero!

Saying goodbye to Hermana Crowther. Don't let the smile fool you, I was crying!

It was a rainy week and Sister Glad and I showed up to district meeting in our twin jackets. 

The Scalf's invited us over for dinner and we had a Mexican fiesta!

Daniella and I having too much fun.

Max got his toy mom, thank you!

Hermana Crowther and I finally got a picture by the Paris sign!  

Hermana Milligan and me!

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