My birthday was so special this week 10-03-2016

8:04 PM

Hello Family!!

I'm sorry I was super bad with time today so I won't have a very long
letter to write home today! A cute member in the ward took us to
Lexington today to shop! But I just want you all to know how much I
love you and thank you!! My birthday was so special this week because
of all of you! I was so spoiled and I felt so loved, thank you thank

First off though let's talk about general conference!! How amazing was
that? Oh I was so excited for it and it was so great! I am so very
grateful for a living prophet and apostles. They are truly inspired
men and know exactly what we need in this time. I loved how much the
gospel of Jesus Christ was talked about, but it really is the most
important thing. Faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the
Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end is so very important and exactly
what we need to do in this life to return to live with our Father
again. I loved conference so much!!

This week was super good, and again super slow! We had a total of 3
lessons this week and 0 were in Spanish... oh it's so hard but I love
it so much!! We had a very good week and still got a lot done!

We had a lesson with Blair and Amanda and they are so amazing! They
are making great progress and Blair is just soaking everything in!
They are the cutest and they even came to general conference this

We had some great lessons with some less actives and some members as
well! I love that it doesn't matter where we are at in life we can
always do more to come closer to Christ. The road of discipleship and
conversion never ends and it's such a beautiful blessing.

David is doing amazing as well, he is already 3/4 done with the Book
of Mormon. He totally knows it's true, we're trying every day to help
him understand and recognize the truths and promptings from God.

So Wednesday was a lot of fun! We woke up early and Hermana Fluckiger
was down stairs as I was getting ready. She called me down and she had
the whole house decorated (thanks mom). I almost got a little
emotional when I saw all of the cards, it made my day and I couldn't
believe how blessed I am to have so many incredible people in my life!
We had some fun opening presents and then we drove to Louisville for
the Sister's Conference.

It was so fun to see all of the other sisters and see all of my
favorite people! I love missionaries! We first had a training by the
APs about being daughters of God and it was so amazing. They taught us
so much about being divine children of a Heavenly Father and Mother
and we have inherited some of their qualities, it was so incredible!
Then Hermana Fluckiger and I gave a training about Ponderizing (by the
way family, I hope you read the talk and picked a scripture) and let
me tell you I was so nervous! I was shaking and sweating, but it went
okay! It was fun in the middle of the training all of the sisters
broke out in singing happy birthday to me!

After our training we had some home made cafe rio and learned to hula
and had other fun break out sessions/trainings. It was a blast. Then
we went back to Paris and went to Zaira and Jorge's. It was their son
Christopher's birthday too so they had a little party for him and we
stayed there for a second. They are the cutest. Then Rhonda took us
out to dinner and she even got me a present, she was so sweet!

When the night was over we headed back to the house and Elizabeth had
a present for me and we ate some cake! It was such a fun night and I
felt super loved, thank you everyone! And thank you for all of the
happy birthday wishes on Facebook, I wish I could reply!!

But some other fun things this week we had exchanges with the STL and
it was a blast. Oh I love Sister Webb. We did a blitz because there's
only one but we had so much fun! We even got to paint a house together
and we had a total blast doing it!

But I'm sorry this letter is so lame and short, really not much has
been happening besides tracting and searching! But I love you all so
very much and again thank you to everyone for everything! I am truly

I love you all so very much!! I hope you have the best week ever and
know how very grateful I am to have you in my life! Be happy, because
life is too short to be anything else!

Con Amor,
Hermana Swapp

Sisters conference, MTC group!

Hermana Spencer!

Still Laughing!

All the sisters!

Christophers birthday

All of us at dinner!

District meeting with Sister Lee! 

It was Daniella's birthday too!


Shopping today with Krista! Getting our UK gear!

She bought us frozen yogurt!

All of our purchases!  

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