Happy Halloween! 10-31-2016

7:52 PM

Hello everybody!

Happy Halloween to the best family out there! I hope you all have a
very spooky night and you get lots of candy to fill your hearts with
joy. We have an entire day P-day today so that is weird! We just have
to be in the house by 6 so we're going to the mall with some sisters
and then we're going to come back to the house and make cookies,
color,  and watch "Meet the Mormons" (thanks mom)!! So it'll be a fun
Halloween for us! I don't have a ton to report on but let me tell you
we had a good week anyway!

We were able to finally have a lesson this week which was great! We
had a lesson with Jennifer she's a recent convert and her sister's
boyfriend who is not a member joined in on the lesson! And the good
news is it was all in Spanish! They are a super cute family and I'm
super excited to continue to work with them.

That's about it for lessons this week but we talked to over 150 people
on the streets and talked to even more people at their doors and lots
of them spoke Spanish! We haven't had much success setting up
appointments or finding people who are interested but we have set a
couple appointments for next week so hopefully those go through!

We've spent most of our week doing service and it has been a blast. We
found our good friend Berry this week (I thought of Payton) and he has
a HUGE yard just covered in leaves. He isn't in the best of health so
we've been raking leaves all week for him and he even bought us a
pizza one day! We'll go over next week to get his backyard done! We've
also been helping a cute lady in our ward move into her new home and
minus the part of me breaking one of her light bulbs we had a good
time! (Don't worry I bought her more.)

Poor Hermana Boyson one day while we were raking some of Berry's
leaves a big little Boulder rolled onto her foot and totally crushed
her toe! I felt so bad for her. Her toe turned purple and the mission
nurse hasn't let us go to the doctor yet so we're praying that it gets
feeling better. She's such a trooper though. She still tracts and
works hard even though she's in a lot of pain. I'm telling you, I got
blessed with the best!

One miracle we had this week was we had the wrong address for Jennifer
(our recent convert) and when we went to the house there was a girl
outside. We asked if her name was Jennifer and she said yes. We
congratulated her on her baptism and gave her a big hug and started
talking to her about the church and she looked at us like we were
crazy. We quickly realized that it wasn't the Jennifer we thought it
was hahaha! But she said she was interested to learn more and we set
up an appointment with her!

As I dissected Alma 34:32 this week I found some pretty cool
definitions of the words in that scripture in the scriptures and
resources we have been given. And one definition for the word PREPARE
in the scriptures was "the potential to become like God" and another
was "to repent". And I realized that the purpose of this life really
is to become like God and the way we do that is through repentance. We
are told to teach repentance out here and now I understand that not
only do we become closer to God when we repent but we become more like
God as well. I think repentance has such a negative connotation but my
mission has taught me that repentance is one of the most beautiful
gifts we have been given. It's the way we can access the Atonement and
become like God. I seriously have such a love for ponderizing
scriptures now, I learn so much!

I'm sorry this letter is a little scattered but be expecting some
miracle stories next week because they're coming! I can just feel it!
I love you all to the moon and back and I hope you all have a
wonderful week filled with Christmas music! I love you!

Be happy. Because life is too short to be anything else!

Con amor,
Hermana Swapp

Ponderized Scripture (PS) get it? Haha:
"If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men
liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." -James 1:5

The four of us in the ward!

We had a chili cook off with the ward and one of the activities was drawing so 
Sister Endemann and I drew each other!

We got some chicken pot pie hot pockets! 

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