We've had an incredible miracle 11-21-2016

6:59 PM

¡Hola Familia!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope it's a good one for y'all and I
hope this past week has been a great week for everyone. It's been
great here in the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission and we're making
some progress. Slowly but surely. This week has been another humbling
week but this won't be another email about me, don't worry.

We've had an incredible miracle and she actually showed up the week
prior to this one. Her name is Margarita and she is amazing. She moved
here from Cuba so she has the blond hair and blue eyes. I look more
Hispanic than her. Let's be real I look more Hispanic than everyone.
But she has taught me so much. She was a referral we received and when
we met her it was quick to see how amazing she is. She hasn't ever had
any religious experience in her life and doesn't know God or Jesus
Christ. The first lesson we had with her Hermana Boyson bore a sweet
testimony of our Heavenly Father and Margarita was shocked. She said,
"Wait, you're telling me that He knows me even though I don't know
Him?" Made my heart melt. When we left we gave her the Restoration
pamphlet and a Book of Mormon.

When we came back to see her a few days later she had all of her
reading materials there and was so excited to share. She had read the
entire pamphlet and I mean the entire thing and she had read all of
the testimonies and a few chapters in First Nephi and she was so
excited to share all about it. She learned so much and we hadn't even
taught her the Restoration at that point. She taught us about the
Priesthood and the prophets and she taught us the Restoration and she
loved it. She was so excited she kept pointing to pictures of Jesus
and saying, "Wait is this Jesus or my Heavenly Father?" She is so

So we taught her the Restoration and she asked us if she could get
baptized. She's incredible. So we're helping her prepare for that, I
think the only hold back we're going to have is she is elderly and has
some health problems. So we're praying lots for her. But she loves it
and when we left her house she told us she was going to read for two
more hours!!

We talked to over 150 people on the streets and set a ton of
appointments for the following week so we're hoping some of those will
follow through. Also, this Sunday is the Spanish Sacrament meeting.
I'm just praying we can have a good turn out. I can't even explain how
badly I want these people to have a branch to go to close by.

So quick funny story/embarrassing moment. This week was Stake
Conference and Elder Montoya and I were asked to translate. Well Elder
Montoya is a native so I was just planning on having him translate the
entire time, well he got tired after a little bit and so I translated
for one guy. Barely made it through, it was a struggle. Definitely
didn't have the gift of tongues that day. Well Elder Montoya goes
again and then it's my turn again and the guy gets up and starts
talking about airplanes and aircraft men and all this stuff about
planes and I froze and right in the mic in English I said, "I forgot
the word for airplane." And then realizing how stupid I was I
basically threw the mic at Elder Montoya to finish. Oh those poor
people. So I translated for like a total of 5 minutes hahaha oh boy it
was rough. But I now will never forget the word for airplane. It's
avión everyone.

So we did a ton of service this past week! It was a beautiful week in
the 70s and 80s (but the weekend was freezing) and we got lots done.
We helped Barry with the rest of his yard and it took a long time! And
so he insisted on taking us to Churchill Downs for some fall horse
races and guess what! President approved it. So we got to go to the
fall races where the Kentucky derby always is. It was the coolest
thing ever. Don't worry I didn't gamble, but we couldn't stop Barry.
(Looks like we know what we'll be teaching him next).

I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving this week and that
everyone remembers to thank God for all He has done for you. I have a
testimony that happy people are grateful people. I started a little
journal in the beginning of October and I write down three things
every day at the beginning of my studies that I am grateful for and I
have seen a big difference. It's amazing to see all that God has given
and has done for me. He is everything and I am so thankful. Here's a
little quote/challenge for you, "Begin today with a private and family
prayer of thanks for all God has done for you." -Henry B. Eyring. And
"Gratitude requires awareness and effort not only to feel it but to
express it." -Bonnie D. Parkin

I love you all and hope you have the greatest week ever. Eat lots of
turkey, and turkey sandwiches, and then more turkey. And pie. Lots of
pie. I pray for you all every day and I hope you know how much I love
you. Be happy! Because life is too short to be anything else.

Con amor,
Hermana Swapp

PS: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
-Philippians 4:13

Raking at Barry's!

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